Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Sidewalk airbags…because safety is our #1 priority

It was a tough choice between human-trails and anti-tree safety devices, but our team of judges finally had to go with Penny M, whose caption succinctly captures the importance of safety! We’ll email you a code to use for 15% a puchase in our eStore.

Although these do appear to be colorful elongated airbags, they are in fact part of an art installation. The photo is from the DOCUMERICA series, taken by different photographers sent out into the field by the Environmental Protection Agency. The full caption reads “D’Aug Days (pronounced dog) is a month long presentation of all the arts at downtown Cincinnati’s immensely popular public plaza, Fountain Square. Jonanthan Ahearn’s inflatable sculpture, 08/1973.”

This week’s image is not in sunny Cincinnati, but somewhere far creepier! Give us your best caption in the comments below.

Your caption here!

29 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. Vincent could only sympathize with the dolls he created, being constantly reminded of how fortunate he was to have hair.

  2. Then it occurred to Millard that his investment in the manufacture of prosthetic heads might not have been a wise one.

  3. “It was an ordinary day, just like every other, until one of them started to talk…”

  4. Alas, THIS … is the job the employment agency found for Mr. Smith who aspired to become a Head Inspector some day !

  5. Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow
    of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

  6. Kids did not find as much amusement with Joe’s finger puppets as he had hoped.

  7. Victor was let go after questioning the business plan of Doll Head Inc. one too many times.

  8. Roger Corman went after the college demographic when he remade “Modern Times” as a horror movie.

  9. Oh my darling, you are my one and only . . . I have such plans for you and you and you and you . . .

  10. Gary wondered why this face, among all the others, held such special meaning for him.

  11. After tucking in his oversized shirt and slicking back his hair, Professor Pleats heads back to work to oversee his newest study. The research is funded by the National Institutes for Creepiness and Staring Fondly at Disembodied Plastic Representations of Human Infant Heads.

  12. Manny loved his collection of doll’s heads, but the neighbors secretly suspected his backyard was full of bodies.

  13. It took a while, but Fred, the neck joint inspector, finally found his missing contact lens

  14. Deleted photo from Season 1: Oprah Behind the Scenes, Favorite Things episode. “You get a head! And you get a head! And you . . .”

  15. Let’s see….I think this one will be the State Representative from………

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