Time for (school) lunch

Schools around the country are back in session, and while course loads may vary greatly, students from kindergarten to high school all have a slot in their schedules for lunchtime. On Wednesday, September 8, the National Archives in Washington will be showing the documentary film Lunch Line as part of our series of programs related … Continue reading Time for (school) lunch

9/11: An Address to the Nation

This post is part of a series on September 11. As the nation's record keeper, the National Archives holds many documents related to the events of September 11. In this series, our staff share some of their memories of the day and their thoughts on the records that are part of their holdings. Elizabeth Lanier, … Continue reading 9/11: An Address to the Nation

Where in the world are your bloggers?

This week, two of your intrepid bloggers will be visiting National Archives sites in Anchorage, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington. We'll be doing research at these regional facilities, talking to National Archives staff, and reporting back to you on the stories that we find in the records. You can follow us on twitter @archivesnews for updates … Continue reading Where in the world are your bloggers?

Gridiron in the National Archives

It's football season again! We're celebrating with a special post written by Matt Dibiase, an archives technician at the National Archives at Philadelphia. The October 24, 1955, issue of Life magazine (owned by Time, Inc.) did a pictorial story on excessive violence and dirty play in the National Football League. Back in the 1950s, professional football … Continue reading Gridiron in the National Archives