Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

We here at Prologue’s Pieces of History understand that history can be a very solemn study. Understanding past conflicts and pouring over the details of a battle, while exhilarating, can also be a trying, somber process.

But for all the wars and historic events that are cataloged in the National Archives, one thing is true: they often result in really funny photos, especially when pulled out of context.

And that’s why we want all you hard-working researchers and history aficionados to take a quick break and exercise your funny bone. We’ve compiled a growing number of awkward, strange, silly, and downright weird still images from our collection, and we’d like you to come up with funny captions for them.

Post your captions in the comment box below, and then our expert panel of judges (with occasional special guest judges) will announce who won the contest when we post a new photo next Thursday.  Every winner will get 30% off a one-time purchase from the National Archives e-Store, too.

UPDATE:  Our first guest judge is the Archivist, David S. Ferriero!

Insert your caption!
Insert your caption!

Here’s a caption to get you started:

“Oompah, loompah, doompa dee do…”

57 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. The four brothers were determined not to “look like a fool wit’ yo’ mattress on the ground”.

  2. Just in case there were people still unconvinced that the brothers were crazy, they tied on their mattresses and put on a fashion show for the neighbors.

  3. This led to new US laws, which not only required mattress tags but also were stamped in bold letters with the message “Do not remove under penalty of law.”

  4. To jump from ship to ship at sea, the sailor is introduced into a canyon and is released and is picked up by a network in the other boat

  5. To clean the inside of a large caliber cannon, tha sailor. The sailors are introduced into the barrel and dragged with ropes

  6. Brian was horrified when he discovered that not one, but three other people wore the same outfit to the party.

  7. The Japanese had hoped that Americans might embrace Sumo wrestling as a sport, however significant cultural differences arose that stymied their efforts.

  8. The briefer historical inspiration for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – “DON’T ASK…”

  9. All believed the enemy cavalry could easily be infiltrated by “human bedrolls.”

  10. Preparations for shore leave were almost complete, if the lads could just convince Sgt. Joe they would not, once more, be looking for a fight.

  11. Somehow, Cpl. Andy knew the salesman had not been completely honest in his glowing praise of the new “cloaks of invisibility.”

  12. Suddenly, Pvt. Bill wished he had transferred his money to a wallet before leaving on his weekend pass.

  13. The SSG felt the punishment fit the crime, no doughboy would get gassed enough to call him a cootie ever again.

  14. “Sir, I thought this was sleep study. I didn’t realize I signed up for a bed bug experiment.”

  15. Gees, guys… If these are the outfits we had to wear for the police line-up, just imagining the crime involved makes my head hurt.

  16. OK you two, no more excuses, if you don’t have to go, get back on the truck.

  17. BP says that its “mattress shot” has an 80 per cent chance of success in plugging the leaking well.

  18. Every soldier will make their bed each morning according to clear, governmental guidelines.

  19. America Goes Over: At Heidelabed and Murphieabed the enemy first realized that the Yanks were there!

  20. Check out our new mattresses. They take “falling into bed” to a whole new level!

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