Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

Pick Up Sticks, Air Force style

The original caption to last week’s photo seemed a bit tongue in cheek itself. “FEAF BOMBER COMMAND, JAPAN—As the words informing the world of the truce being signed in Korea reached the ears of military personnel in Korea and Japan, emotions were expressed in a variety of ways, ca. 07/1953” Yes, this service man really was throwing up his arms and calling it quits, because the armistice ending hostilities in Korea had just been signed.

Fortunately, Rebecca had a different take with her caption, one that appealed to our guest judge and yours truly, since Pick Up Sticks was one of my favorite games (I know you’re all interested in my childhood). Congrats, Rebecca, not only for winning this week’s photo caption contest and giving our judge Michael Kurtz a laugh, but for being the first person in history to ever win a back-to-back caption contest here at Pieces of History. You’ve won 30% off at the eStore, and our undying devotion once again. The question is, can you make it a hat trick?

That will be up to Maureen MacDonald to decide. She’s our guest judge this week, recently returned from representing the National Archives at the International Archival Culture Exhibition in South Korea. So, show our world traveler that laughter transcends borders by posting your best caption below. And as always, happy captioning.

Insert your caption!
Insert your caption!

11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. The 3rd Annual North Hackensack Lawn Synchronized Swimming tournament.
    Pictured here is last years winning team getting ready to take the big green plunge. Last year they had home field advantage, will they be able to hold on to the Turf Cup this year?

  2. Before there was the WWE, there were the All-Star Womens Professional Wrestlers seen here preparing before a big match.

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