Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

An early ad photo for Army Deodorant. The soldier on the left is the stinky BEFORE applying guy. The one on the right is the fragrant AFTER applying guy.

An early ad photo for Army Deodorant. The soldier on the left is the stinky BEFORE applying guy. The one on the right is the fragrant AFTER applying guy.

Let’s hope that our winning captioner John is wrong, because if this was a grand military body odor experiment, this world would smell awful.

The actual caption is just as unsettling, however. These two marines are enjoying themselves after a nearby atomic blast. As the caption reads: “The atomic cloud formed by the detonation seems close enough to touch, and tension gone, Poth and Wilson do a little clowning for the camera.”  Click the photo for the full scoop.

Are you interested in winning 30% off at our National Archives eStore? Then join us each week as we take a photo out of context from our holdings and ask you to provide the funniest caption for it. If you win, you’ll get 30% off at the eStore (where Prologue is sold, by the way!)

Here’s this week’s photo. Good luck!

Insert your caption!

Insert your caption!

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14 Responses to Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. Jery Simmons says:

    “Attack of the Killer Sausages”


  2. JJT says:

    Somehow the men did not suspect that their Betty Grable float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade would not pass muster with the morality committee.


  3. echo pontinen says:

    “OMG!! behind you!! its SAUSAGE!!!!! ahhhh!!”


  4. Emily Mecca says:

    Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, the sandworms were approaching…


  5. Kevin Fitzpatrick says:

    I told you the officers were full of “hot air”.


  6. Chris says:

    Large whoopie cushions get revenge!


  7. Greg Rosen says:

    The “Secret Weapons”…Pancho Villa will flee all the way to Antartica!


  8. Gary Lutz says:

    The Leaning Towers Of Peoria


  9. Traci says:

    Team Diligent Dirigibles
    Prehistory for fringe fans.


  10. Bryan Gibb says:

    “New Army Dirigibles give Doughboy Morale a Lift”


  11. Chris Staats says:

    The experimental military version of windsock decorations proved too unwieldy for front-yard residential use. The “santa on a motorcylce” photos taken later this same day are still considered classified.


  12. Linda Wilky says:

    Scene of the best water balloon prank ever!


  13. Elaine Schenot says:

    Experiments in developing a drug to combat erectile dysfunction were just the beginning.


  14. jim1mich says:

    A courageous effort, the US Army’s first attempt to ‘create’ a bra for WAC[s] was deemed unsuccessful.


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