Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

“Cinderella, age 67, spends her days recalling that one glorious night when her dress became a gown and her pumpkin actually turned into a coach.”

Debra Steidel Wall had her work cut out for her to pick this week’s winning caption, but ultimately the prize goes to Rebecca for cheering up a somber photo with some Walt Disney charm. The original caption reads: “Woman with large pumpkin at Cass Lake” and it was taken in 1915. The folks at the Archival Research Catalog thought the image deserved a bit more description and added, “An elderly Indian woman stands in a garden next to a huge pumpkin,” but that still doesn’t explain how that pumpkin got so big or how that poor woman got so mopey.

Hopefully you’ll have a happier Halloween this weekend than our poor pumpkin grower! Rebecca certainly will since she’s won 30% off at the National Archives eStore where (cough, cough) that great National Archives quarterly, Prologue, is sold !

From depressed lows last week to new highs (literally) this week, you never know what photos we’ll find that need captions. Happy captioning!

Insert your caption!
Insert your caption!

14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. Double dog dared to sit. I was SURE those holes in those kites wouldn’t let them work!!!!
    I should have seen that there tether rope!!!

  2. Daredevil test pilot Garrett Brown is shown testing an early prototype of his Skycam system. This design was scrapped because of ‘wind failure’ problems.

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