Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

No, see right here, the lights should stay on even if one bulb goes out. They can also play Jingle Bells.

Jan Wilson, it’s been a long wait, but you can now claim the honor of being our last captioner of 2010 and our first declared winner of 2011. President Truman was a practical (and frugal) guy, so why wouldn’t he be able to step up and give tips on Christmas tree gadgetry?

As far as we know, though, on the occasion on which this picture was taken, the lights on the National Christmas Tree went on just as planned. This picture from from the Harry Truman Library is dated December 24, 1945—it’s interesting that the lighting took place so late in the season.

For this new contest, we turn to another President. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of JFK’s inauguration this month, we resume the Thursday photo caption contest with a picture from the John F. Kennedy Library.

Insert your caption!

So now that we all have had time to recover from the holidays, get those brain cells working and give us your best so we can give you 30% off at the National Archives eStore. Start captioning right now in the comments section.

23 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. Here, Jack, take my lantern. You’ll never find an honest man with this lantern that’s missing its candle.

  2. “And, as Jack is showing us, if you order now, you’ll get a second one for just postage and handling!”

  3. “Now, Mr. President. I know you’re from Massachusetts, but I’m sure it’s ‘One if by land, two if by sea.'”

  4. One if by land, two if by sea. Er ah, just make sura they avoid Cape Cod. We nevah got around to installing items for a permanent solution there.

  5. You walk slowly in FRONT of the car and I’ll walk slowly BEHIND it and they’ll be able to see where they are going.

  6. No, no, I said the torch has been passed, not the lantern. And Bobby said people would remember my speech 50 years from now…

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