Thursday’s Caption Contest

Your caption here!
The truly fashionable are beyond fashion—Cecil Beaton.

We chortled our way through your captions last week! Finally, unable to decide between references to white shoes, Project Runway, or Baltimore, we turned to our guest, Susan Cooper, Director of Communications  at the National Archives.

Congratulations to Rebecca! Susan thought that her quote by Cecil Beaton best communicated the spirit of this picture. Indeed, Sir Cecil—English photographer, diarist, interior designer, and Academy Award–winning costume designer—would have surely found these ladies inspiring.

So what are they looking at? This image is from the DOCUMERICA series, and “Elderly ladies watch as grape/lettuce boycotters march, 08/1973.” Must have been a shocking march indeed.

And nothing is more shocking than . . . nuns!  Put your caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!
Your caption here!

14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Caption Contest

  1. “Now ladies, this handy device, a byproduct of the Manhattan Project, gauges the level of sin in any person at whom you wave the peccatemeter wand.”

  2. So now everyone understands, when the needle goes above 60 we start paying the rosary; but if it get above 98, we are Toast!!!

  3. “…and remember your Civil Defense geiger counters may be used to detect both radiation and sinful acts.”

  4. OK, ladies, our Civil Defense lesson for today is, “You, your Geiger counter, and baking a pineapple upside-down cake.”

  5. Sister Mary Alice explains to her students, that uranium is an excellent power source for their Easy Bake Ovens.

  6. The students of Mount Saint Holiness are shocked to learn if their new and improved chastity belts are removed God will “go nuclear” on them.

  7. “Now girls, this Geiger counter only works if you have not exposed yourselves to anything that could disrupt the signal.”

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