Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

"Joining Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders involved a more rigorous training process than these two expected."
"Joining Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders involved a more rigorous training process than these two expected."

It was impossible to decide if “Treeus” was funnier than references to Santa or poor drivers, so we asked for assistance from our guest judge Laura Brandt, who manages the Foundation for the National Archives Facebook page. After much agony, she decided that David T’s caption held the most humor and historical value.

This two may not have been in Teddy’s Rough Riders, but they clearly had a rough ride in the Civilian Conservation Corps. The caption reads: “Supervisor Burgess and Ranger Cooke Trying Out the CCC Constructed Hobby Horse, Douglas Fir Forest Camp, Mt. Baker National Forest, 1936” (ARC Identifier 299069, National Archives at Seattle).

This week’s photo has some actual horses—leave your caption in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. From one horse to another, it doesn’t look like we are plowing a field in the country anymore!!!

  2. When I voted to approve appropriations for the country’s highways, I didn’t think I’d have to build them!

  3. After an accident with the Budweiser wagon, Bud and Lou were forced to take “remedial driver training”.

  4. Multitasking in urban landscaping…fertilizing and keeping the vegetation down at the same time.

  5. Such early errors in the Myer system caused a lot of tongue wagging. The infamous ‘blow up the square’ message that became ‘plow up the square’ will go down in history as one of the military’s greatest blunders.

  6. The government budget cuts were devastating. Ex-officials resort to gentlemanly farming to cover the losses of their paychecks.

  7. Yeehaw! Making room for another of those new fangled VEG E TABLE Gardens promoted by the FirstLady down here in the city!!!

  8. Early Signal Corps experiments in plowing messages for airmen are considered to be the precursors of crop circles.

  9. Two Senate aides took it literally when asked to “dig up the dirt” on their adversary!

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