Thursday’s Caption Contest

The winning caption
When I voted to approve appropriations for the country’s highways, I didn’t think I’d have to build them!

Last’s week winning caption goes to Marc, whose plowman did not expect to have quite such an active role in government.

If you thought this looked like a victorious pursuit for these two well-dressed gentlemen, you would be correct. In this image from the Roosevelt Presidential Library, the Victory Garden Program Secretary is plowing Boston Common in 1944. There are no records on how many rutabagas were successfully planted and harvested.

This week’s mystery photo is more ominous than victorious! Put your caption in the comments box below.

You caption here!
Your caption here!

19 thoughts on “Thursday’s Caption Contest

  1. The first PSAs promoting mammograms were obviously unsuccessful. Thanks goodness for improved technology.

  2. Ernestine knew she was being watched — but couldn’t resist using the machine as a personal tanning tool.

  3. She had the dream that it might be possible to go a step beyond making machines of men – by making men of machines…

  4. After spending 5 million dollars on test production the Air Force was shocked to learn that the mechanical arms did a better job as a beautician than handling plutonium.

  5. Thursday morning, Igor called in sick. Frau Bluecher stood in during an experiment, as Dr. Frankenstein nervously yelled, “Remove the electrode transducers!” To her stunned amazement, the bandaged wrapped lifeless subject began to move, and over the sound of a crack of thunder, Frankenstein yelled “It’s Alive!”

  6. Affable housekeeper by day, homicidal nurse by night, Alice from the Brady Bunch indeed led a macabre double life.

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