Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Unfortunately for the CCC, groundhog races did little to boost the economy.
Unfortunately for the CCC, groundhog races did little to boost the economy.

Although we were greatly amused by the suggestions of dam building, weather predictions, and rodent chili recipes, we eventually decided on Amy’s caption, which  combined the history of the Cilivian Conservation Corps with the Depression and managed to be funny!

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So…are these Rodents of Unusual Size, groundhogs, or guinea pigs? Actually, they’re beavers. The tail of the beaver on the far left is being held up by a man wearing gloves. The caption for this photo reads: “Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho, Salmon National Forest: Camp F-167, ‘CCC boys… ready to transplant Beaver from a ranch location where they were damaging crops to a Forest watershed location where they will help to conserve the water supply…’, ca. 1938.”

(Our own Archivist of the United States just blogged about his start at MIT, a school whose mascot is the beaver: “Nature’s Engineer”!)

There are no animals in this week’s photo…but something strange seems to be in the air. Tell us what’s going on in the comments below!

Your caption here!
Your caption here!

17 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. Billy, stop pretending to bring to bring books back. I know you’re obsessed with me but our relationship has to stop.

  2. In another instance of domestic entrepreneurship, Myrtle Swendersen has converted the family farm shed into a local lending library.

  3. “It’s been 27 years, Jimmy. Just finish the darn term paper so I can give you your diploma.”

  4. “Pardon, Miss Grier, but there’s a fellow out here wants to talk to you. Said he came all the way from the Amazon!”

  5. A little known fact that before he owned a hotel Norman Bates and his mother operated the local public library. Things did not go well…

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