Thursday Caption Contest

In another instance of domestic entrepreneurship, Myrtle Swendersen has converted the family farm shed into a local lending library.

In another instance of domestic entrepreneurship, Myrtle Swendersen has converted the family farm shed into a local lending library.

Congratulations to LisaLou! Your caption tugged the entrepreneurial heartstrings of guest judge Suzanne Isaacs, who makes sure all the great images we use are available to the public in ARC.

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This photo was suggested to us by Laura of the Foundation for the National Archives. She thought it had a very Tennessee Williams feel to it.

But it’s not a set—as our winner suspected, it’s a mobile library with a slightly poignant story: “Charlestown, Indiana. Education, Library Services. The Public Library in Charlestown, Indiana was constructed out of work shanties by Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers in the early days of the Charlestown boom and is staffed by Works Progress Administration librarians. It has between three thousand and four thousand books and there is a demand for more technical texts on chemistry, steam fitting, mechanical drawing, mathematics and carpentry. The library is well partonized by the newcomers and townsfolk alike; the demand for fiction is less than was expected. Indiana University has announced extension courses for Charlestown this Fall in business, education, American and Latin-American history, English, elementary Spanish, mathematics, and psychology.” (ARC Identifier 518271)

There are no books in this week’s image, but there is definitely a story behind the pair in this photo! Tell us what it is in the caption below…

Your caption here!

Your caption here!

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16 Responses to Thursday Caption Contest

  1. Teresa Martin Klaiber says:

    “I’m just saying, I think I saw a shark, but it could have been something else.”

  2. James garvin says:

    Off to another hard day of training my human….I hope he get the mackrel toss right by afternoon….

  3. Burble says:

    Sure, he missed Bella, but Edward thought this relationship was much more healthy.

  4. John Whittemore says:

    “Sorry pal, but only one of you gets to be THE Easter Seal.”

  5. PeterK says:

    Seaman Pinniped begins his first week of BUDS training

  6. STEVEN REED says:


  7. Gary Lutz says:

    “Don’t feel so bad, pal. Take it from me: there’s always more fish in the sea.”

  8. Andrew Jorgenson says:

    This draft is getting out of hand.

  9. Gayle May says:

    Work! Work! Work! And all I ever get paid is fish! Who can support a family on fish?

  10. Susan Gilmore says:

    “I’m just saying, when I heard Navy Seal this isn’t what I thought of!”

  11. Jeremy says:

    Petty Officer Johnson leads Joanie, the most recent recruit to the Navy’s top secret program: Operation Coastal Seal, an effort to secure US ports against Soviet infiltration.

  12. Amy says:

    Before the development of sonar, searching for German U-Boats was decidedly low-tech.

  13. Traci says:

    I think they finally got the hang of off leash healing. Training these Navy SEALS is rough!

  14. Ted Nugent says:

    Stupid Dog! I said “Heel”

  15. Franck Cordes says:

    Fred got tired of that heel nipping dog and traded it in for a seal.

  16. Jackie K says:

    Six feet on the Boardwalk

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