Thursday Photo Caption Contest

“And, see here. This is why we call them 'CDs.' It’s short for 'curvy discs'.”

Congratulations to Jenny, who has won 15% off in our eStore! Out of 25 entries, your caption sounded right to guest judge and Supervisory Motion Picture Preservation Specialist Christina Kovac and her fellow staff in the Audio/Video Preservation Lab.

If you listen carefully to this photograph, you may still hear National Archives employees J. W. Roberts, Mrs. E. B. Haas, and Miss J. Cobb as they discuss the Memovox discs (ARC 3493216, 1949).

This week’s mystery photograph moves us forward in time but also features mysterious, oversized objects. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

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11 Responses to Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. SusieR says:

    “Worm Sign!”


  2. Bryan Gibb says:

    After the giant Mutant Hampsters took over the world and enslaved humankind, they built an elaborate Habit-Trail System throughout the great cities of America…


  3. Ivan says:

    Follow me! This way to the cheese!


  4. Tom O'Connor says:

    Who is this guy Christof?


  5. Mickey says:

    When trees were found to be potentially hazardous to pedestrians, the Safety-First Company took appropriate action.


  6. Hugh Ryon says:

    Run…Run, it’s Mc Donald’s frozen strawberry and lemonade coming together


  7. Gary Lutz says:

    “Now, Zeus, it’s time to stop torturing your little pet humans in your maze and go to bed.”


  8. Sidewalk airbags because safety is our number one priority.


  9. Sidewalk airbags…because safety is our #1 priority


  10. Kassie Bevan says:

    The Union and Pacific human-trails will soon be joined together by the placement of a golden wheel.The two human-trails are due to meet early this week. The president will be the first to give the Golden Wheel a spin!


  11. jbjacoby says:

    NY citizens and visiting tourists appear to more greatly enjoy walking amongst the summertime test of the Sesame Street giant alphabet balloons, than they will later enjoy running from them on Thanksgiving Day.


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