Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Onions, Again???

How could we choose between captions about skunk cabbage, the effects of fiber, and manly weeping? We asked Mitchell Yokelson, Investigative Archivist at the National Archives and author of books on military history, to look into the matter.

Congratulations to Kim B! After careful investigation, Mitch found your succinct summary of the situation to be the funniest. Check your e-mail for a code for 15% off in our eStore.

What’s really happening here? World War I was sometimes called “The Chemist’s War,” and a mask could save a soldier’s life. The original caption reads “Soldiers trying out their gas masks in every possible way. Putting the respirator to good use while peeling onions. 40th Division, Camp Kearny, San Diego, California, 03/1918″ ?(???111-SC-7045; ARC 530714).

Last week’s photo featured the face, but this week’s photo features the . . . legs. Give us your wittiest caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

32 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. To save rubber for the war effort, the Air Force abandoned tires and replaced the landing gear with legs.

  2. … curtains on the windows, a nice light yellow on the walls, we could really brighten these things up!

  3. As Margo and Betty dangled helplessly, they considered how to enact revenge after Jake’s little trap door prank. At least, thought Betty, the dress code didn’t permit skirts.

  4. John….. Marsha……Johnnn…..Marshaaa…..JOHN……..MARSHA…MARSHA…MARSHA….JOHN…JOHN…..JOhnnnnn….

  5. Strangely, “Maws,” Speilberg’s first pass at a disaster film which starred a man-eating bomber, just couldn’t get Hollywood execs excited.

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