Thursday Photo Caption Contest

"Donkey: `I don’t even care if I am the official Democratic Party mascot – seriously, I LIKE IKE!'”

Congratulations to Andrew P, who won the approval of our guest judge Samuel Rushay, senior archivist at the Truman Presidential Library. Your caption gave us much-needed insight into the hearts of political mascots whose vote lies with other party. Check your email for a code to use for 15% in the eStore!

Sam recently appeared in our newest “Inside the Vaults” videos to talk about some unusual sketches that survived a trip through the jungle and eventually were accessioned by the Truman Library.

This photo doesn’t have any mysterious drawings, but our sharp-eyed readers did catch the writing in the corner that tells a little bit of the story of this record from 1952. The description reads: “Photo of Mrs. Nelles Olson Becker of St. Paul, Minnesota, with a donkey, entitled ‘Not for Republican Ears.’ Signed: ‘To President Truman- Best Always- Nelles Olson Becker.’ This photo was published in the St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press.”

In today’s photo, we’ve got another special animal and human moment. Give us your funniest caption in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. The monkey has been trained to push the eject button in case the plane is in trouble.

  2. There’s a monkey on my head, huh? Sure there is… you and your practical jokes!

  3. “As the war dragged on, experienced flight instructors became harder and harder to find.”

  4. “Pilots preferred to monkey around with their airplanes until they fit their personal tastes.”

  5. I said “Monkey see, monkey do” not “monkey see, monkey hairdo.”

  6. People forget that even chimps had to undergo basic fllight training and prove they had the “right stuff” before they could go into space.

  7. The final pilot in the catastrophic failure known as the monkey-navigated fighter squadron, last seen flying southeast over the Canary Islands out to sea.

  8. Before a commercial lice solution was available, treatment of WWII pilots’ involved the prolonged, personal attention of Airman Gizmo.

  9. “Mid-way though his audition for ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Mr.Teeny realized he may have misinterpreted what ‘flying monkey’ meant.”

  10. You see even your officers doesn’t take you serious and that is why they have send me. Ok comedian come on let’s kill some Germans

  11. Pilot: Yo, this monkey here is my co-pilot!
    Monkey: I’d rather be flying myself instead of sitting up here.

  12. Maybe if I put this monkey on my head, people won’t notice that my smile is kind of creepy.

  13. Going from driving Miss Daisy to flying Miss Daisy will be okay when she starts sitting in back.

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