Thursday Photo Caption Contest–August 11

Before a commercial lice solution was available, treatment of WWII pilots’ involved the prolonged, personal attention of Airman Gizmo.

We had a hard time choosing this week between captions that suggested ill-fated monkey-navigated flights or included the phrase “monkey hairdo.”

Finally we turned to a man of impeccable taste, Brian Barth, who is the man behind the art direction and graphic design of the recipe book Eating with Uncle Sam: Recipes and Historical Bites from the National Archives to choose the caption he looked best with the image.

Congratulations to Amy! Check your email for a code for a 15% discount to the eStore. Maybe you’ll even pick up a copy of the recipe book.

So, if this pilot is not actually receiving a simian de-lousing, what is going on?

 The original caption reads: With “Jospehine,” squadron pet, as his mascot, Lt. M. W. Carney of Churchlands, Va., prepares to give a new fighter plane just arrived in Africa its test flight., ca. 02/1943.

Today’s photo is firmly grounded and indoors. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

27 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest–August 11

  1. “Dorcas, put that box down! You know you aren’t supposed to be sampling those. Do you remember what happened to Florence in Apple Jacks?”

  2. Kelloggs innovated thier production facility by developing a number of cloned workers. Unfortunately, the one they cloned had lousey taste in clothes.

  3. Battle Creek Sanatorium’s occupational therapy includes an actual spot in quality control on the new automated corn flakes line.

  4. Snap! Crackle! Pop! went the assembly line machine as Gertrude pondered her future in cereal production and development.

  5. “That little cat was here just a minute ago. Tony is such a little baby we can not find him……..yet!”

  6. “If just one more person calls me “flakey”, I can’t be held responsible for my industrial actions!”

  7. We enjoy eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, but processing them is a boring job though. Probably aren’t getting paid well for it either.

  8. Worker 1: Its a K E Double L O Double G good morning to you!
    Worker 2: Still got that song stuck in your head, huh?
    Worker 1: I don’t know why… but I can’t stop singing it…

  9. Myrtle held the box, poised and ready, just in case the cameraman made one more bad pun about “cereal” killers.

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