Thursday Photo Caption Contest–August 11

Before a commercial lice solution was available, treatment of WWII pilots’ involved the prolonged, personal attention of Airman Gizmo.

We had a hard time choosing this week between captions that suggested ill-fated monkey-navigated flights or included the phrase “monkey hairdo.”

Finally we turned to a man of impeccable taste, Brian Barth, who is the man behind the art direction and graphic design of the recipe book Eating with Uncle Sam: Recipes and Historical Bites from the National Archives to choose the caption he looked best with the image.

Congratulations to Amy! Check your email for a code for a 15% discount to the eStore. Maybe you’ll even pick up a copy of the recipe book.

So, if this pilot is not actually receiving a simian de-lousing, what is going on?

 The original caption reads: With “Jospehine,” squadron pet, as his mascot, Lt. M. W. Carney of Churchlands, Va., prepares to give a new fighter plane just arrived in Africa its test flight., ca. 02/1943.

Today’s photo is firmly grounded and indoors. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

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27 Responses to Thursday Photo Caption Contest–August 11

  1. Hendry says:

    Yes, they are good for you but even MAKING THEM is SOOOOOOOOOOO Boring.


  2. Matthew Hazzard says:

    “Dorcas, put that box down! You know you aren’t supposed to be sampling those. Do you remember what happened to Florence in Apple Jacks?”


  3. Terry says:

    These women are dreaming that some day their photo will appear on this box of cereal.


  4. Pam A. says:

    “I have no idea what to have for breakfast tomorrow. Come on. Think, THINK!”


  5. Nat Richards says:

    Kelloggs innovated thier production facility by developing a number of cloned workers. Unfortunately, the one they cloned had lousey taste in clothes.


  6. Ivan says:

    “I wish we had some milk.”


  7. Ryan Tickle says:

    Even ‘Dress Like Betsy Ross Day’ failed to cheer up the ladies down at the old Kellogg’s plant.


  8. Lisbeth says:

    “1124, 1125, 1126…. gosh how I hate it when we have to count them….”


  9. Xande Anderer says:

    “The lengths some people will go to find a secret decoder ring.”


  10. Jordan Rohde says:

    What did the pilgrims REALLY eat at the first thanksgiving?


  11. Traci says:

    Battle Creek Sanatorium’s occupational therapy includes an actual spot in quality control on the new automated corn flakes line.


  12. Sara says:

    Laverne and Shirley were considerably less chipper after the Shotz Brewery closed.


  13. Rick says:

    Little did Lucy and Ethel know how important this training would be to their future career.


  14. Pam A. says:

    “Irma, I don’t care who designed them. These new uniforms are corny.”


  15. Mickey in KC says:

    Snap! Crackle! Pop! went the assembly line machine as Gertrude pondered her future in cereal production and development.


  16. Buddy Beale says:

    “That little cat was here just a minute ago. Tony is such a little baby we can not find him……..yet!”


  17. Gary Lutz says:

    “If just one more person calls me “flakey”, I can’t be held responsible for my industrial actions!”


  18. Mike says:

    While Ethel takes her snack break, Josephine believes no detail unimportant, dusting each and every box.


  19. Alexis Hill says:

    We enjoy eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, but processing them is a boring job though. Probably aren’t getting paid well for it either.


  20. Hugh Ryon says:

    Speed it up, girls, we’re getting a traffic jam here.


  21. mae_dae says:

    Worker 1: Its a K E Double L O Double G good morning to you!
    Worker 2: Still got that song stuck in your head, huh?
    Worker 1: I don’t know why… but I can’t stop singing it…


  22. Towner B says:

    Maureen knew the marketing claim that Corn Flakes didn’t cause constipation, but she knew better.


  23. Towner B says:

    Rosie was upset to discover that her actual war production job was not riveting.


  24. Roxanne says:

    Myrtle held the box, poised and ready, just in case the cameraman made one more bad pun about “cereal” killers.


  25. Kevin says:

    Betsy regretted putting the special “prize” in the cereal, but it was on its way to Topeka by now.


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