Thursday Photo Caption Contest

"I got to get outta this place If it’s the last thing I ever do."

Choosing this week’s winner was a difficult as balancing a hat on a burro, so we turned to Mary Ryan, who has seen many strange yet historic images from the holdings of the National Archives in her role the managing editor of Prologue magazine.

Congratulations to Kim! Check your e-mail for a code for 15% off in the National Archives eStore.

Our guest judge recognized the setting of this picture from a Prologue article about the Mexican Punitive Expedition, but apparently this beast of burden was not being punished by the Army. The original caption reads “Privates Daly, Ball, and Baldwin, Company A, 16th Infantry, testing out the burro. This burro came to camp one day and ever afterward persisted in hanging around. September 29, 1916. 1922.”

This week’s image features a trio of people, but there are no burros in this one! Just an expression of surprise . . . or shock . . . or arty thoughtfulness. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here

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14 Responses to Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. jwestonw says:

    Cellini makes a nice salt-cellar but it’d better if there was a pepper shaker to go with it.


  2. Fred Reczkowicz says:

    Goodness! I don’t believe my husband, Lord Stanley, had this in mind for the top of his trophy.


  3. slowking says:

    i could eat you with a trident.
    shh, the kids are listening


  4. Martin Prochnik says:

    I hope no one will photograph me staring at this!


  5. DJ says:

    Darling do tell…before I faint or demand this piece of art as you call it be covered up! Is it true what happens South of the Border!!!


  6. DJ says:

    Darling do tell…before I faint or demand this piece of art as you call it be covered up! Is it true what happens here?


  7. D says:

    “Cellini may have been a great artist, but–my word–his Neptune is holding the incorrect fork!”


  8. Regina says:

    Mrs. Grundy examines the new soup tureen …


  9. Amy says:

    “When I said I wanted a classic design for my birthday cake, this isn’t what I meant!”


  10. Mike says:

    Elizabeth didn’t head the warning about the Red Rider Trident until it was almost too late and she nearly poked her eye out!


  11. Gary Lutz says:

    “Oh My Various Gods! Well I never!”


  12. Pam A. says:

    Mildred hoped the topper she selected for her wedding cake reflected her newly discovered “wild side.”


  13. Julie says:

    Hortence was delighted that the sculptor had captured her and Arnold on their honeymoon so exactly.


  14. Mickey says:

    “But, darling, that’s what I am saying….if Cellini would steal jewels from the Pope, he easily could have lifted the seafood fork when he visited Elizabeth I.”


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