Thursday Photo Caption Contest: June 14

"Google’s Search Engine backroom, circa 1948"

We got a kick out of your captions, especially the suggestion that Fala might still be alive, stored in an archival box for preservation.  (Who knows, there are all kinds of things in our holdings, from nuclear plugs to mole skins!) We had a hard time choosing this week’s winner from among the slighty salacious “drawers” to the FOIA requests to the Archives bowling team.

Finally, we turned to someone who has been among the boxes, working under a single lightbulb: Paul Wester, Jr., the Chief Records Officer at the National Archives and blogger over at Records Express.

Congratulations to Nuno Guerreiro Josué! Paul chose your caption as the winner! Check your email for a code for 15% off at the eStore.

So what’s really happening in our last image? Well, these are real National Archives staff hard at work! This photograph is part of our “Historic Photograph File of National Archives Events and Personnel.” The original caption reads: “Navy Archives Personnel, Bess Glenn in foreground, August 14, 1942.”

This week, there are no workers, but man’s best friend seems to be working hard. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

8 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest: June 14

  1. Underdog Bess readies for the hand to drop, certain that, in this heat of the race, she shall be faster than Fido.

  2. There was absolutely no need to pay for ballet lessons, thought Mr. Smythe, when this method worked just as well.

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