Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate July 4 at the National Archives


Temporary tattoos on July 4!

10: The reading starts at 10 am, so the Metro isn’t crowded.

9: Your Facebook pictures will make everyone jealous.

8: You love the sound of the fife and drums.

7: Secretly you wish were a historical reenactor!

6: Everyone gets a free fan.

5: Audience participation: boo (at the English) during the reading.

4: Audience participation: huzzah (for the rebels) during the reading.

3: You can sign your name on a Declaration of Independence.

2: National Archives temporary tattoos!

1: You can see the “birth certificate” of the United States on our nation’s birthday!

We hope you join us on July 4 at 10 am for the reading of the Declaration of Independence! Four of the readers are descendants of the original signers. The reading starts at 10 am, so you can come down to the Mall early when the Metro is less crowded, celebrate, and then head home to put those hot dogs on the grill.

The reading will also be carried on C-SPAN at 10 am EDT.

The Declaration of Independence is on permanent display inside the Rotunda at the National Archives.

Happy Independence Day!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate July 4 at the National Archives

  1. Regarding reason 1, the Declaration of Independence was a statement of the reasons for the United States to declare independence.
    The actual “birth certificate” which gave the 13 colonies independence was the Lee Resolution, which was adopted on July 2, 1776, the nation’s actual birthday. See:

  2. It was great to see so many NARA-tians at yesterday’s celebration! This is our family’s third Fourth at A1, and it just gets better every year. A shout out to all the events planning, facilities, and a/v staff who give up their holiday each year to pull off this amazing event. Well done!

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