Join the Fourth of July Conversation on Social Media

Every year, Independence Day at the National Archives is an exciting and celebratory day.

In addition to signing a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence, hearing “America the Beautiful” performed by an international champion whistler, and mingling with Thomas Jefferson and Abigail Adams, you can join us this year in tweeting, Instagram-ing, and sharing on Facebook.

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July near or far, you’re invited to join our conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the #ArchivesJuly4 hashtag.  In addition to our live conversations about the program on the steps of the National Archives, you can also participate in two  exciting social media projects!

What’s a #ColonialSelfie?

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Snap a #ColonialSelfie and share it with us on Twitter.

Inspired by a certain celebrity group shot at the Oscars, we invite you to post a #ColonialSelfie on Twitter! While out enjoying your Fourth of July, snap a picture with a Founding Father and show us on Twitter. If you don’t run into Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, be creative; your #ColonialSelfie can be with anything that was in fashion in 1776! Don’t forget to use the #ColonialSelfie hashtag, and send it to us on Twitter at @USNatArchives.


Play Instagram Bingo!

Instagram Bingo
What will your Instagram #BINGO look like?

Join in the celebration by playing Instagram Bingo with the National Archives! As you’re out enjoying parades, picnics, and cookouts, see if you can find nine of our Fourth of July–themed scenes. Once you have nine, create a collage, and post it on Instagram with the#BINGO and #ArchivesJuly4 hashtags, and your photo will be reshared by @USNatArchives on Instagram!

Can you find these Fourth of July scenes? You don’t have to be with us in Washington, DC, to participate; we can’t wait to see how everyone celebrates America’s Birthday across the country!

Find nine scenes and share your collage on Instagram:

American flag

patriotic pet

Uncle Sam

parade balloons

Declaration of Independence

town crier

parade crowds

National Archives temporary tattoo

parade dancers

Revolutionary War uniform

marching band

stars and/or stripes

Color guard

fire truck

red, white, and/or blue

fife and drums

military on parade

patriotic picnics

Thomas Jefferson

kids on parade

parade transportation (like motorcycles, vintage cars, horses, bikes)

red wagon

It’s hot—hydrate!



A separate app must be downloaded to create a nine-photo collage, and there are several apps available (most are free) in smartphone app stores. If you are an iPhone user, you can try PicStitchYourMoments, and Pic Collage. Android users can also find PicStitchInstaFrame Maker, and Pic Collage on Google Play. If you have a Windows phone, PicStitch or Cool Collage can be used.

After the festivities are through on the Fourth, we’ll be posting a recap of the day on Tumblr, Facebook, and Flickr.  To read more information about social media at the Fourth of July celebration at the National Archives, visit

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