Happy New Year!


Cartoon by Clifford Berryman, Washington Evening Star, January 4, 1914. (National Archives Identifier 6011024)

Clifford Berryman was one of the most widely acclaimed political cartoonists in the first half of the 20th century. For over 50 years, his cartoons appeared on the front page of Washington newspapers, first the Washington Post and later the Washington Evening Star.  

Throughout his extensive career, Berryman drew Presidents, members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, foreign dignitaries, and other important figures. His drawings also depicted local sports teams, federal workers’ woes, national holidays, and commentary on the infamous Washington weather.

This cartoon hits on two of Berryman’s favorite topics—holidays and the weather. It appeared in the Washington Evening Star on January 4, 1914, at the start of the new year.  The new year in Washington, DC, began with several days of cold and rainy weather. As the young New Year (1914) arrives with satchel in hand, he looks at a poster of Father Time (1913), remarking, “No wonder one ages so rapidly with such weather for a starter.”

The National Archives holds a large collection of Berryman’s original drawings. Discovered in the Berryman family home upon the death of daughter Florence in 1992, this rare collection was purchased from the estate by the Charles Engelhard Foundation and donated to the U.S. Senate. It is now part of the historical records of Congress in the Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives in Washington, DC. These cartoons are available online in the National Archives Catalog.

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