16 Times History Made Us Hungry For Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Are you baking up a fresh dessert to celebrate? Get inspired by some historic pie deliciousness, fresh from our archives.


Everything about this photo is vintage #piegoals. The apron, the polka-dot potholders, that oven!

27-0753a (1)
Elderly lady removes pie from oven.” From the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library catalog.archives.gov/id/195874


Does your pie make THE CUT? These pie judges can tell with just ONE SLICE. 

Pie-Judging Contest with Dr. Louise Stanley and Mary Lindsay catalog.archives.gov/id/5729294



You get a slice! And you get a slice! Everyone gets a slice! We’re pretty sure that this 700-pound pie—the largest ever baked at the time—would’ve been an Insta-hit.

Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover slices into the pie as Congressman Arthur Free of California watches. 1927. From the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library



Sure, meeting world leaders is great. But getting to meet the National Cherry Pie Queen? That’s the cherry on top of the…pie!

LBJ cherry pie
National Cherry Pie Queen Jo Ann Williams visits Senator Johnson. From the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library



People were writing about their love of pies in the days before Twitter. During the First World War, the future President Truman wrote home to his wife: “The wind isn’t blowing today and we are all very happy. Had chocolate pie for dinner. I am sure sorry about that sugar but I guess I can steal enough Hersheys from the canteen until you can send me some fudge.”

Pie for dinner 2
Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, October 22, 1917. From the Harry Truman Presidential Library



Easy as pie? We think these Salvation Army girls are as tough as nails! Here, these women make free pies for soldiers in France while wearing steel helmets and gas masks.

Red cross Pie girls
Salvation Army Girls, Gladys and Irene McIntyre, Myrtle Turkington and Stella Young, with steel helmets and gas masks, making pies free for soldiers. 26th Division, Ansonville, France, 4/9/1918 catalog.archives.gov/id/55181227 




Be the Supreme Allied Commander of pie making with Mamie Eisenhower’s recipe.

Mamie Pie 2
Recipe from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library




Whenever we see this photograph, we want to go apple picking. While wearing white gloves. Because, the 1960s.

apple picking
Washington State 4-H Club presents a gift for President Kennedy. From the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library



What to do if you have a paucity of apples but an abundance of lobster? Make this Maine Lobster Pie, of course! The recipe is from the 1962 Republican Congressional Cookbook, but we promise that the toothsome crustacean appeals to taste buds of all political stripes.

RCC - ME Lobster Pie
Recipe book from the Gerald Ford Presidential Library catalog.archives.gov/id/30806124



Just because Thanksgiving was in November doesn’t mean you (pe)can’t have pumpkin pie in March.

Recipe from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library



Imagine you live in a house where Roland Mesnier is your on-call pastry chef. Imagine how amazing it would be to have him teach you how to make the flakiest, tastiest pie crust ever. Now imagine buying many larger pairs of pants. (Or maybe that’s just us?)

Chelsea Clinton makes a pie
Chelsea Clinton and her friend Bridget making a pie crust with White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier. From the William J. Clinton Presidential Library



Buttermilk. Coconut. Cream. Pie. Someone please bake this and report back if it is as delicious as First Lady Laura Bush makes it sound.

Coconut Cream Pie
Recipe from the George W. Bush Presidential Library



Would you invite someone to your “dessert” island? We’re still impressed that President Obama offered his fellow diners a chance to try a piece of his strawberry pie during a stop for lunch in 2012 at Kozy Corners restaurant in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

Obama Pie
From the Barack Obama Presidential Library



Dreams do come true: Eating pie with THE Mrs. Pillsbury!

Arthur Godfrey couldn’t resist sampling Miss Helen Constance Thatcher’s Apple Orchard Pie, the first junior prize winner in Pillsbury’s 3rd Grand National Recipe and Baking Contest (Mrs. Pillsbury is on the left.) at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Photograph presented to Margaret Truman from and autographed by the Pillsbury family. From the Harry Truman Presidential Library



Too much dessert? This recipe from First Lady Pat Nixon has raspberries so basically it’s a serving of fruit. Might as well have two slices!

110-Stanford Fox- Raspberry Pie
Recipe from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library



And remember, treat that pie you’ve made as if you saved your sugar rations for three months. Eat every last bite!

Dont waste food
Artwork by Bill Dyer, U.S. Navy Reserves. Printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office for the U.S. Navy, 1944. From the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library



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