My Internship at the National Archives

Happy National Intern Day! Thank you to all of our interns who have been with us this summer. We appreciate all the time, energy, and enthusiasm you have given us!

Hello! My name is Brooke Engerman, and I am a summer intern here at the National Archives. Today, I’m going to share with you my five absolute favorite things about working at this wonderful institution!


Sharing the excitement: Every day, I’m fortunate enough to see thousands of visitors come through the doors of the National Archives. Whether visitors are on a family vacation or a class trip, I get a front-row seat to watching their wonder and excitement when they see the Charters of Freedom. I love the reactions of visitors, and it reminds me how incredible it is to work at the Archives, and it reminds me how important to democracy it is to preserve these seminal documents.

intern 4
Brooke at the annual Fourth of July celebration. Note the official clipboard and radio!


Discovering new facts: In my internship, I learn new facts about the National Archives everyday! For example, I recently discovered that the two statues flanking the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance of the building represent the future and the past, respectively. These two feature quotes from both Shakespeare and Confucius.

Emily and Brooke outside the entrance to the National Archives Building


Walking into the building every morning: I get excited each morning when I walk through the doors. Even though I am almost done with my internship, I still am in awe of the the beauty of the this building. Commuting to such a grand and historic building each morning is a privilege, and definitely one of my favorite parts of the day!

Brooke outside the National Archives Pennsylvania Ave. entrance.


Learning about Public Affairs: I am interning in the Public Affairs Department, and I’ve loved getting the opportunity to learn about the ins-and-outs of this field in the government. Interning here has helped me learn about possible career choices, as well as learn about myself. I would encourage all other young people to consider a similar internship!

intern 3
Lukas, Emily, Miriam (staff), Oliver, and Brook


Working with my fellow interns: I’ve been incredibly fortunate to share this experience with other wonderful interns who have all become my friends. We’ve built a strong comradery, and I’m sure we will continue to stay in touch long after our internships end.

Lukas, Emily, Kitty, and Oliver are ready to work on July 4, our biggest day of the year.

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  1. I’m really gonna miss All the interns. Especially when your in the office working together as a team. It has been GREAT meeting ALL of you. You’re awesome!!!! I wish you the best and much success on your future endeavors.

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