Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

After today, let’s start tapping the kegs from the top.

After today, let’s start tapping the kegs from the top.

It’s time to “spill” the beans on who won last week’s contest. While we had more fun than a “barrel” of monkeys reading through your comments, settling on a winner was a “sobering” task. We loved Gabby’s “There was some confusion at the onset of the invention of the ‘kegger’ to what exactly the purpose of this activity was. Many years later, it would still receive mixed reviews from the neighbors,” and any reference to a 200-foot-tall space alien master (Bob S.) we enjoy, but ultimately it was Rebecca who took the cake (and 30% eStore discount!). Her comment is below the image at left.

As most of you guessed, this photo was from Prohibition, 1931 to be precise. The original caption reads “Los Angeles authorities emptying barrels of rum, 1931.” Two years later, in 1933, the 21st Amendment would end Prohibition, becoming the only amendment to repeal a previous one (so far).

While Prohibition may be over, our arsenal of strange is still plenty full here at the Archives. This week we’ve pulled out a particularly peculiar picture for pontification, so stretch out that funny bone and submit your comments! You never know who will be guest judging!

Insert your caption here

Insert your caption here

Here’s something to get you started:

“Originally made of ‘thirteen stripes alternating red and white,’ the Star Spangled Suit was later replaced by a flag of similar description.”

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25 Responses to Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. Keith Ramsey says:

    Gerald’s ideas about postmodern camouflage systems were not well received,

  2. Martin says:

    Does this make me look fat?

  3. Doug Polgardy says:

    Though every attempt was made to recruit new members, the new “Modern Klan” outfits just didn’t do the trick…

  4. Bull says:

    Step three: PROFIT!

  5. Michelle Farnsworth says:

    The firing squad thought that this would alleviate some of the seriousness of what they were about to do.

  6. Nick says:

    Bob debated on whether or not to wear his striped gloves for this shot, but decided it would just be too bizarre.

  7. Bk says:

    The Fruit Stripes mascot motioned for his other friends to stay back for safety.

  8. Judy says:

    During the expansion of the highway system in the United States, it was deemed necessary to create a better way to direct traffic around construction sites, hence, the orange pylon.

  9. Brant says:

    Unfortunately for Lt. Henri Blanc , his buddies subsituted his camoflauge uniform. While they thought it was hilarious, his widow did not.

  10. Erin O'Malley says:

    “Bob we can see you. Your camouflage suit only works if you’re standing in front of a flag”

  11. Bob Angelnuts says:

    And I Told About Equality
    An It’s True
    Either You’re Wrong
    Or You’re Right

    But, If
    You’re Thinkin’
    About My Baby
    It Don’t Matter If You’re
    Black Or White

  12. Janet Falkenstein says:

    “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Guaranteed ticket on the express train out of here!”

  13. Kathryn Kelly says:

    New zebra crossing camouflage!

  14. Bim says:

    Hello!?! I’m not a zebra and neither am I Anubis in disguise.

  15. Gary says:

    From out of the wasteland comes a hearty “See the hair on the back of my hand?!” – the mysterious Striped Marauder strikes again!

  16. rcrotty says:

    UPDATE: The man, the myth, the Assistant Archivist for Regional Records Services Tom Mills is our guest judge this week for the photo caption contest! Happy captioning everyone!

  17. Lisa B says:

    In an effort to compete with Marvel Comics, the U.S. Government unveils its first superhero — StripeMaster.

  18. Linda Wilky says:

    After numerous zebra/jeep collisions on the African savannah, National Geographic officials determined that the only solution was mandatory traffic school for zebras.

  19. Rebecca says:

    The original model for Transformers

  20. Jule says:

    Some circus sideshow attractions seemed more convincing before Prohibition.

  21. Catherine H says:

    After numerous rejections from local restaraunts, mainly the Molten Rock, owls found a new, better, disguise

  22. Fran says:

    Picasso’s Prisoner

  23. Rebecca says:

    John thought if he wore this outfit no one would notice the large hole he made in the wall behind him.

  24. Carl Keith Greene says:

    It may be ugly and not be mine, but it can’t be mine and not be ugly.

  25. Marguerita Ludwig says:

    Beam me up Scottie!

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