Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Today’s post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty.

Introducing the iPole
Introducing the iPole

Carolyn Grey, you hit our funny bone hardest last week, when you added a snappy caption to a Civil War telegraph snipper. While we’re not sure whether Apple will be rolling out the iPole anytime soon (though ostensibly it would have fewer ‘dropped’ calls than the iPhone, har har).

The real story behind this photo has everything to do with dropped calls. “Cutting telegraph wire and connecting the ends, so that the point at which the connection is broken cannot be seen from the ground.” Yes, the Civil War saw the advent of the telegraph, and the advent of the telegraph saw new ways to spy and disrupt communications.

But enough of the drab war-talk. It’s the holiday season, and this is the last photo caption contest of 2010. So, sharpen your pencils and your wit to come up with the funniest caption you can. We’ll give the winner 30% off at the National Archives eStore.

For all those who have played across 2010 and for all those who have made Pieces of History such a success, thank you and Happy Holidays!

Insert your caption!
Insert your caption!

20 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

  1. While many people remember Harry Truman for his skill as a piano player, only a select few knew of his skills as an electrician. In this photo the President is shown fixing the 1949 National Christmas Tree. The tree had one string of lights out when the lighting ceremony was completed. The President had all lights on in 15 minutes. He then offered to repair Secretary of State Acheson’s toaster which had been on the fritz for weeks.

  2. truman’s plan b to fixing corruption in his cabinet and all of his foreign affairs button, pressing the staples easy button

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