Thursday’s Caption Contest

Your caption here!
"Having learned lessons on motivation from the British Royal Navy, the U.S. Department of Education experimented with dispensing rum rations to bolster test scores."

Congratulations to Dave M! Our guest judge Lynn Bassanese of the Roosevelt Presidential Library chose your caption, as FDR “was a real Navy man and enjoyed an occasional cocktail so we think he would approve of our choice.”

It’s unlikely President Roosevelt would have enjoyed the wartime cocktail being ladled out, though. The original caption declares: “Saturday’s a holiday for most of the nation’s small fry, but to these youngsters of Roanoke, Va., it’s fat-collection day” (NLR-PHOCO-A-65701 [31]).

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, some of our readers may have plans for a green beer tonight. This week’s caption is about drinking, too—use your gift o’gab and give us your best caption!

Your caption here, my laddie!

12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Caption Contest

  1. Having enjoyed a bit too much of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, hair of the dog was the best remedy for both man and cat.

  2. aye When Irish Eyes ar sleeping…you can Lick the foam away..Aaay…Turr…a..lur..a lurraa….TUR..a Lurr a Liee..

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