Facial Hair Friday: Our very own beard!

If you visited the National Archives in Washington, DC, last year and waited in line on the Constitution Avenue side of the building on your way to see our Charters of Freedom, you may have seen a red cart with a big red umbrella and a sign that says “Ask the Question.”

And now, you may also see this man.

Christian Tenney tends The Cart—and his beard.

That’s right—fans of Facial Hair Friday can now see a fine example of facial hair standing right outside the National Archives. Christian Tenney works for the Foundation for the National Archives, helping tourists purchase gifts, souvenirs, and books as well as helping them find the entrance or the nearest bus stop.

I took this opportunity to “Ask the Question” (several questions, actually) about his prodigious beard, and I am happy to present answers to the questions you wish you could ask someone with an flowing beard:

First, he is not a Civil War reenactor (this is a common question, apparently).
Second, yes, the ladies do like the beard.
Third, he has not seen his chin since 2004, when he decided to start growing the beard and he no longer remembers what his face looks like.
Fourth, he does shampoo and trim the beard to keep it up to sartorial standards.
Fifth, yes, eating with a beard can be a challenge: “Maple syrup is my mortal enemy.”

When Christian is not grooming his lush beard, he is busy stocking up the cart with interesting National Archives–related merchandise or working inside in the Shop. And when he’s not at work, he’s following his passion for genealogy and researching his family.

If you aren’t planning a trip to Washington, DC, this year, you can still follow the adventures of Christian and the cart @Archives_Cart on Twitter!

And now for a little virtual shopping . . .

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  1. I don’t know why but I love this post! Maybe because my husband has had a beard since I met him? lol

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