Thursday Photo Caption Contest

"It was an ordinary day, just like any other, until one of them started to talk."

Congratulations to John W, who has won 15% off at our eStore! It was a tough choice between Stepford babies, “a head” puns, Hamlet, and Oprah references.  But our guest judge Diane LeBlanc, Regional Adminstrator for NARA’s Northeast Region, thought that your caption captured a curious moment between man and and doll.

Our guest judge is based at our facility in Massachusetts and so is this photograph, taken around 1936–37 at the Paragon Rubber Co. and American Character Doll in Mount Holyoke, MA. A factory worker is setting eyes in “sleeping” dolls. (Two decades later, the company was manufacturing the famous “Tiny Tears” dolls, which could drink, wet their doll diapers, and cry.)

Today’s photograph shouldn’t bring a tear to your eye, unless you are afraid of heights. Or trees. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

22 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. “Buy $100 in War Bonds today & receive your very own life-sized Dough Boy Christmas tree ornament–like those seen here*!”

    *Sizes and shapes may vary

  2. The dedication of the Memorial Trees, which were sculpted to honor the memory of those who had pioneered the Service, makes a fitting scene for this years class photo.

  3. The Army wishes to telegraph its interest in special forces line tapping. Climb on board for the newest specialty!

  4. “The new production of Pirates of Penzance was shaping up nicely. If only they could afford an actual ship.”

  5. Until the airplanes and parachutes arrived, America’s first airborne division just had to make do during training.

  6. Off we go into the wild blue yonder…. The first airforce class waiting and looking for their planes

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