Thursday Photo Caption Contest

"While Smitty and Joe puzzled over the ruler, Susan began work on the calculations to fix the FTL drive."

Torn between termites, easy bake ovens, and Terrifying Woodchuck Airlines, we asked a guest judge to make the final call!

Congratuations to Burble, who has won 15% off at our eStore! Alice Kamps, the curator of “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” thought the reference to a Faster-Than-Light drive was the funniest by light years.

And while the woman in the photograph might seem more likely to tackle quantum physics than her companions, all three are involved in the care of heads of lettuce. That’s right! The caption reads “A crate of lettuce gets first class attention from a pilot, flight attendant, and an unidentified man before flying to the East Coast. The USDA tested the viability of air shipping produce—the way much of our food is now transported.” (ARC 5709997)

Today’s post seems to feature a situation more serious than caring for lettuce. Give us your best caption in the comments below!

Your Caption Here!

15 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. Portland steampunk preparing organic vegan salad for the upcoming Iron and Wine show. In this frame he is shown peeling Colin.

  2. “I knew onions could make you cry, but these turned out to be more like atomic bombs!”

  3. Even when peeling onions, Stan would go to any lengths to make sure the other guys would never, ever, see him cry.

  4. “FSM – 5135.5 – All personnel shall complete a minimum of eight hours of fire safety refresher training annually.” But, why is mine always “PEELING”?

  5. Alfred didn’t quite hear whether they said it was a “possible dud” or they said it was a “possible spud”, but, knowing from past experience that either of them could potentially give him gas, he was taking no chances.

  6. Fred devised a method for sneaking a smoke that also kept the ashes from falling into the peeled fruit.

  7. Martha’s cousins promised her that once she mastered the art of using the potato-peeling safety mask, they would take her snipe hunting.

  8. When the caustic smell took the paint off the walls and shredded the curtains, Henry knew what needed to be done.

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