Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Yosef Croce used visual aids when he played his mournful rendition of “Time In a Bottle.”

What can you say about a man, his accordion, a clock, and a bottle? We went to guest judge and social media coordinator Jeannie Chen, who once featured a infant President Ford holding a tiny accordion on the Presidential Libraries tumblr blog.

Congratulations to Mickey! Your caption won Jeannie’s heart and got that Croce tune stuck in her head. Check your email for a code for 15% off in our eStore.

The man in the photograph has been featured before on Pieces of History in this Facial Hair Friday post. William Duncan was the  founder of  Metlakahtla, a Utopian community in Alaska. The original caption reads: “William Duncan late in life, exhibiting to friends for photographing the canvas, hammock, clock, water bottle, and accordian [sic] used by him on his voyage to Victoria, B.C., in 1856-57., 1916 – 1917″ (ARC 297897)

Last week featured an accordion, and this week we are featuring another strange device. Give us your wittest caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

15 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest

  1. Hmm your head to fists prayer ratio is just perfect for our modernized trench warfare tactics. No atheists in these foxholes!

  2. Once properly posed & meticulously aligned, the subject proceeded, as directed, to think as loudly as possible: “There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; ….”

  3. After spinning in circles around the bat, Stewart once again shows the Doctor the source of his nausea.

  4. Circa..1930 First test model of SIT and SPIN proved unsuccessful. The smaller version for children however became a Cult Classic.

  5. The young funder laments that the doctor didn’t follow his instructions to design the first dental examination chair with more padding and less extremely frightening-looking protruding metal parts.

  6. For the thousandth time, there is no prayer in school. Now you must suffer the consequences….

  7. Despite detailed calculations, Gus’ formula for a new underarm deodorant was a dismal failure.

  8. Ugh, Dad!!! How many times do I have to tell you? The CD goes in the CD player, NOT on your forehead.

  9. During WWI, Capt. Miller’s Atomic B.O. was an effective, but controversial, enhanced interrogation method.

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