Thursday Photo Caption Contest

What can you say about a man, his accordion, a clock, and a bottle? We went to guest judge and social media coordinator Jeannie Chen, who once featured a infant President Ford holding a tiny accordion on the Presidential Libraries tumblr blog. Congratulations to Mickey! Your caption won Jeannie's heart and got that Croce tune stuck in … Continue reading Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Facial Hair Friday: Utopia above the Lower 48

These might look like two gentlemen out for a stroll in the early twentieth century, but the well-bearded gentlemen on the right is William Duncan, founder of  Metlakahtla, a Utopian community. The man on the left with the mustache is Sir Henry S. Wellcome, who founded the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome & Company, which later became … Continue reading Facial Hair Friday: Utopia above the Lower 48