Thursday Photo Caption Contest

Born with 14 toes, Gary “Logs” McGee never failed to impress at Camp Kishioka’s annual competition.

Choosing the winner was as easy as falling off a log for our guest judge Andrea Matney, who has experience balancing guest speakers and programming for the Know Your Records series.

Congratulations to the excellently named Ryan Tickle! Your caption tickled our funnybone and–combined with the oppressive heat this week–made us all long to be at “Camp Kishioka.” Check your email for a code for 15% off a purchase at the eStore!

So where do such delightful log-rolling contests happen? This image (ARC 557772) is from our DOCUMERICA series and shows Unicoi State Park in Georgia on the Fourth of July. The state park isn’t far from Helen, another town in Georgia that was photographed as part of this series. Helen is best known for having made itself into a tourist attraction by decorating the town in a Bavarian motif.

It’s so hot here in Washington, DC, that we would happily jump into a lake in Georgia or Bavaria. The weather has inspired us to choose this week’s photo–put your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

14 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest


  2. No, this is no place to build our nation’s capital. It’s too dang hot and dry! I know a guy in MD who might give us some nice, cool swamp land, though…

  3. Ma to Pa: Those don’t look like redwoods to me. I think we may have made a wrong turn when we left Chicago on our way to California.

  4. I promise you, one day a giant city of neon lights, gambling halls, and teaming with many men named Elvis will exist on this very spot.

  5. A small group of extremist chains themselves to a cactus to prevent urban sprawl in an area grossly affected by global warming.

  6. The regiment guarding Fort Tucson did not see much action during the Civil War, but the picnicking was excellent.

  7. Before they were marooned on a deserted tropical island, the Swiss Family Robinson were marooned in an American desert.

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