Thursday Photo Caption Contest—January 19

Are you ready to return to captioning? Can you rewrite history with a humorous twist? Well, we’re back! We’ve been scouring the digital archives looking for the finest photographs. We’re lining up guest judges. We’re setting aside the wacky, the wonderful, and the wordless images from our holdings.

And we’re looking forward to all your entries! The winner receives a 15% discount to the National Archives eStore and our undying admiration.

Here’s our first photograph for the 2012 caption season—put your best caption in the comments below!

Your caption here!

15 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest—January 19

  1. Caption: Catalogers at the National Archives prepare for the transition to electronic records management.

  2. The new Congress brought in the cafeteria ladies to make a new kind of scrapple from all the pork they were cutting.

  3. Slowly, Gladys began to understand what the recruiter at the U.S. Mint actually meant when he said she’d be “making lots of money, going from rags to riches.”

  4. In the days of manual shredding, Mabel was a source of great frustration to her coworkers because she had to read each and every piece of information discarded by the censors prior to destroying it.

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