Thursday Photo Caption Contest–February 16

"Now tell me - am I supposed to eat this thing or wear it on my head like I did the pheasant from last night's dinner?"

Choosing last week’s winner was a tough nut–er, lobster?–to crack, so we turned to Tammy Kelly, our crack judge at the Truman Library.

Congratulation to RJ! Check your email for a code to use for a 15% discount at our eStore! Tammy chose your caption as the winner. Perhaps she was reminded of the fine collection of hats that Bess Truman wore throughout her life (featured on Millinery Monday).

Tammy kept her reasons for choosing RJ’s caption under her hat, but she did reveal that this image was taken by Abbie Rowe at the Maine State Society Lobster Dinner in the Department of the Interior cafeteria on February 21, 1951. The lobster-demolishing pair are Senator Owen Brewster and fellow guest Ann Chapman (wife of Oscar Chapman, Secretary of the Interior).

There’s no lobster in today’s photograph, but there are some….really large microphones? Give us your wittiest caption in the comments below!

"Your caption here!"

18 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest–February 16

  1. TMZ’s founders soon realized it would be hard to make a profit until they had a less obtrusive way to eavesdrop on celebrities.

  2. Due to Sgt. Joseph Fiddlebottom’s poor hearing, he decided to take it upon himself to develop one of the first hearing aids.

  3. In a fit of creative genius, Herbert invents the earliest example of the Blue Light Special, minus the Blue Light: “Attention K-Mart shoppers!!”; unfortunately K-Mart hadn’t been invented yet either.

  4. The soldier mistook his child’s Dr. Seuss book for a manual on stealth recognizance, resulting in a device that was far from stealth, but made all the Whos in Whoville proud.

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