Thursday Photo Caption Contest: March 8

"Ruppert’s Knickerbocker Beer—just in time for the founder’s birthday, Marth 4th!!"

Your captions were as sweet and delicious as cold beer on a hot summer’s day!

And we knew just who to ask to serve as guest judge: beer enthusiast and information technology specialist Crystal Brooks. Even though Crystal modestly claims to still be a novice when it comes to home brewing, we knew that she had the discerning palate to choose a winner.

Congratulations to Denise! Check your email for a discount code for 15% off in the eStore. Crystal was impressed that you correctly identified the beer as Ruppert’s Knickerbocker Beer, and she was delighted that you connected the contest date to Rupert’s birthday. We raise a glass to Denise’s captioning skills and Rupert’s birthday!

This photograph comes from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and the original caption reads:  “Sgt. Henry Klein sells T/4 Ralph Lohman his ration of American beer. Seven cans were rationed in Sept. but future deliveries were uncertain.”

Today’s photograph looks like the result of several cases of Knickerbocker beer. Put your wittiest caption in the comments below!

"Your caption here!"

31 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Caption Contest: March 8

    1. Yes you have it right Pollywogs crossing the Eqiator By the planks on the floor it may be an aircraft carrier.

  1. The Mardi Gras festivities go awry after it’s discovered all the beads went missing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bourbon Street.

  2. “After months of careful planing, the boys were thrilled that the inaugural celebration of their week-long art and musical festival, Burning Man, went off without a hitch!”

  3. In honor of International Women’s Day, our next number is “There is nothing like a Dame!”

  4. “Henry’s accordion concerts always drew a crowd, just not generally ones that were so spirited.”

  5. Jacques Cousteau’s hot crustacean band serenades him with “Under the Sea,” moments before chucking his accordion overboard.

  6. “Before anyone blurts out anything else, let’s all think long and hard about what our third and final wish should be.”

  7. Many of nature’s strangest and most mysterious creatures from the darkest depths of the sea are summoned and lured by the mystical psiren call of the mythical musical instrument, the accordion.

  8. Jim tried to suck the life out of Mike’s accordion-abusing right hand through his straw, hoping to stop the cacophony.

  9. All the boys made it safely back from shore leave, but strangely, none of them had a date while ashore.

  10. The men enthusiastically adopted the new optical illusion uniforms once the ship’s “dazzle paint” was completed.

  11. It was right after the introduction of this ad campaign that the market for Acme Bras & Girdles flattened and ultimately bottomed out.

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