13 Times the Presidents Were Just Like Us

May is National Photo Month, and to celebrate, we’re sharing photos from the National Archives showing that Presidents are people too! Today’s listicle comes from Anayeli Nuñez from the National Archives History Office.

1. When Clinton stepped out for a jog in this 90s monochromatic outfit. Iconic.

President William J. Clinton jogging, 3/3/1993. (National Archives identifier 2173290)


2. When Nixon tried getting as close as possible to the Charters of Freedom in the National Archives Rotunda.

Nixon, then-Vice President, visiting the National Archives Rotunda, 6/9/1954. (National Archives Identifier 74227947)


3. When they love their pets unconditionally.


4. When Nixon saw a piano and just HAD to play a tune.

President Richard Nixon Playing Piano at Blair House, Washington, DC, 6/23/1971. (National Archives Identifier 66394237)


5. When (future President) Truman sat with his boss President Roosevelt for some lunch and office gossipjust like us!

Senator Harry S. Truman at lunch with President Franklin Roosevelt, 8/18/1944. (National Archives Identifier 7865594)


6. When Bush could agree that the torch-lighting ceremony is always the best part of the Olympics!

President George W. Bush with Olympic Torch Bearer Liz Howell, 12/22/2001. (National Archives Identifier 7431391)


7. When Obama and Biden were each other’s favorite co-worker. #BestFriendGoals

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, October 21, 2015. (Barack Obama Presidential Library, National Archives)


8. When Ford cherished those few minutes of silence reading the morning paper before the day began.

A0233-03   600dpi scan from Original Negative
President Gerald R. Ford reading a newspaper in the family kitchen, 8/20/1974. (National Archives Identifier 6829633)


9. When FDR threw this peace sign (victory symbol), unironically.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Giving the Victory Symbol, 1937. (National Archives Identifier 31491234)


10. Siblings. Enough said. Wonder which Ford brother won best dressed in high school?

A3061-06A 600dpi scan from Original Negative
President Gerald R. Ford and His brother Dick Ford in the West Sitting Hall on the second floor of the White House, 2/2/1975. (National Archives Identifier 23898433)


11. When Lincoln needed multiple pictures before finding the right one to post.

Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln, ca. 1961. (National Archives Identifier 527825)

12. When LBJ met this baby and instinctively said “awe.”

President Lyndon B. Johnson visits first grandchild, Patrick Lyndon Nugent, born June 21, 1967, 6/24/1967. (National Archives Identifier 2803417)


13. When Obama stepped it up on the Hill AND on the Court. 

Barack Obama, then-Senator, enjoying a basketball game with U.S. military service members, 8/31/2006. (National Archives Identifier 6701817)






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