Unratified Amendments: Titles of Nobility

This is the second installment of a series about unratified constitutional amendments. Today we’re looking at an amendment proposed during the lead-up to the War of 1812 that sought to bar U.S. citizens from accepting titles of nobility.  The U.S. Constitution has a Titles of Nobility clause that prohibits the Federal Government from granting titles … Continue reading Unratified Amendments: Titles of Nobility

Unratified Amendments

To date, the U.S. Constitution has 27 amendments. The first 10 are known as the Bill of Rights, then the rest generally protect and expand individual rights or outline how government works. Congress, however, has actually proposed 33 constitutional amendments to the states. The Bill of Rights as proposed to the states containing 12 amendments, … Continue reading Unratified Amendments

Gone with the Wind

In January 1941, the National Archives accepted a copy of the award-winning—and controversial—film Gone with the Wind. Senator Walter F. George of Georgia and Loews Eastern Division Manager Carter Barron presented the donation to the first Archivist of the United States, R.D.W. Connor, in his office.  Archivist of the United States R. D. W. Connor … Continue reading Gone with the Wind

19th Amendment at 100: Women Are First to Protest White House

The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, but this landmark event was neither the beginning nor the end of the story for women and their struggle for the right to vote. Join us in 2020 as we commemorate this centennial year with 12 stories from our holdings for you to save, print, or share. January’s … Continue reading 19th Amendment at 100: Women Are First to Protest White House

Facial Hair Friday: Father Time

It’s the first Facial Hair Friday of 2020—Happy New Year! Today we’re highlighting the old man with a long, white beard: Father Time. Father Time is, as the name suggests, the personification of time. In the context of New Year’s he represents the outgoing year. He is often portrayed as an old, bearded man wearing … Continue reading Facial Hair Friday: Father Time