An Independent National Archives

April 1, 2016, marks the 31st anniversary of the National Archives independence. Today’s post come from Kaitlin Errickson of the National Archives History Office. The National Archives has a turbulent history. First, the historical community had to fight for years and years to establish a National Archives. Then Congress passed legislation authorizing an independent National … Continue reading An Independent National Archives

Claudine Weiher: The Fight for Independence

The National Archives History Office continues to celebrate Women's History Month. Today's post comes from Kirsten Dillon.  Claudine Weiher, former Deputy Archivist, was born Claudine Jackson on November 24, 1941, in Kansas City, MO. Dr. James B. Rhoads presents an award to Claudine Weiher, Planning and Analysis Branch, Office of the Executive Director. She was … Continue reading Claudine Weiher: The Fight for Independence