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Facial Hair Friday: “Howe” do they do it?

We may be a litttle short-staffed on this quasi-holiday, but I couldn’t let Facial Hair Friday go by without a nod to some historic beards. Today’s honoree is Gen. Albion P. Howe, veteran of the Mexican War and the Civil … Continue reading

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You can grow a mustache, but you can never leave

Did you catch Mugged! Facing Life at Leavenworth at the  National Archives at Kansas City this summer? The exhibit may be closed now, but you can learn more about the prison, its inmates, and its records in this new article from Prologue. … Continue reading

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Facial Hair Friday: A bushy beard, a murder, and a missing arm

Today’s Facial Hair Friday is not a case of mistaken identity. Jefferson Davis was arrested for murder. But this Jefferson Davis was not the president of the Confederate States. This one was a Union officer, with nearly the same name. … Continue reading

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Facial Hair Friday: Howe you doin’?

It’s Friday, and it’s time for facial hair! But it’s not entirely clear if Col. Howe qualifies, as his “beard” seems to extend upwards from his neck, skipping his chin entirely. What do you think?

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