Jack Corn, DOCUMERICA Photographer

Today's post comes from Nikita Buley, an intern in the National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications. Jack Corn, a retired photojournalist and professor, came to visit the "Searching for the Seventies" exhibit here at the National Archives, bringing along his family and one of his former students. Why? He was one of the 70 … Continue reading Jack Corn, DOCUMERICA Photographer

Top Ten Pieces of History for 2010

Since April 2010, we've brought you more than 100 Pieces of History. Nothing too small, too strange, or too obscure has escaped the spotlight of our blogĀ or the scalpel of your clever comments. And we are still discovering new pieces of history every day here at the National Archives! But before we go forward into … Continue reading Top Ten Pieces of History for 2010