The Archivist’s Favorite Pancakes

Some might say the best part of sleeping over at the National Archives is snoozing the night away beneath the Constitution, but we know the best part is having the Archivist of the United States make you pancakes for breakfast! Three times a year, kids and their parents can stay overnight at the National Archives. … Continue reading The Archivist’s Favorite Pancakes

Sleepover at the National Archives!

You can't snuggle with the Constitution, but you can sleep next to it! This sleepover in the Rotunda is open to children ages 8-12, accompanied by an adult. Registration fees are $125 per person (discounted to $100 per person for Foundation members). Participants get to meet author Brad Meltzer, who will set the way for an evening of historical … Continue reading Sleepover at the National Archives!

Spielberg Film Festival: Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg is being honored by the Foundation for the National Archives for his film legacy, which has brought history to life on the big screen. The National Archives is celebrating the award with a film festival, and Saving Private Ryan is the first film to be screened. Join us tonight, Friday, November 15. For … Continue reading Spielberg Film Festival: Saving Private Ryan