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Special Exhibit: Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures

As the first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton had a vision for the economic foundation of the country. Its three major components were the federal assumption of state debts, the creation of a Bank of the United States, and support … Continue reading

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The Election of 1800

Anyone who is a fan of the hit musical Hamilton knows the song “Election of 1800.” It depicts an infamous election that ultimately led us to change our Constitution. By 1800, the nation’s first two political parties were beginning to take … Continue reading

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The Compromise of 1790

On June 20, 1790, when Congress was temporarily meeting in New York City, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson hosted a dinner. In attendance were Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Representative from Virginia James Madison. Keep in mind these men … Continue reading

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The Name Speaks for Itself

Today’s post comes from Dan Ruprecht, intern in the Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives in Washington, DC.  On September 11, 1789, President George Washington sent the first cabinet nomination under the new U.S. Constitution to the Senate. … Continue reading

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Constitution 225: George Washington’s Constitution

    Today’s Constitution 225 post was written by Jim Zeender,  senior registrar in Exhibits at the National Archives. Imagine George Washington’s first day on the job as President of the United States on April 30, 1789. What what his … Continue reading

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History Crush: Alexander Hamilton

Today’s “History Crush” comes from Jessie Kratz, an archives specialist with the Center for Legislative Archives. She’s been carrying a torch for one of our record-makers for quite some time! Most of my colleagues are all too aware that Alexander … Continue reading

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