Celebrating NASA’s 60th Anniversary

Shooting for the stars for the past 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Better known as NASA, this independent agency has been overseeing the civilian space program and conducting research in aeronautics and aerospace since 1958. Use #ArchivesInSpace to be part of the NASA and the National Archives … Continue reading Celebrating NASA’s 60th Anniversary

American Pride for Astronaut Sally Ride

Today’s Pride Month post comes from Danielle Sklarew, an intern in the National Archives History Office. On June 18, 1983, Dr. Sally Ride zoomed away from earth on a NASA Space Shuttle, breaking barriers as she reached immense heights. As Ride embarked on this mission, she officially became the first American woman to fly in … Continue reading American Pride for Astronaut Sally Ride

Are you there Venus? It’s me, Earth

Today's post comes from National Archives Office of Strategy and Communications staff writer Rob Crotty. Twenty years ago today, NASA dropped by our neighbor Venus to say hello and snap a few pictures. The Magellan probe entered orbit, took a terrestrial map of Venus, and then did something very rude: it crashed into the planet. Not … Continue reading Are you there Venus? It’s me, Earth