New Web Exhibit on FDR and the Presidential Library System

Today’s post comes from Andrew Grafton in the National Archives History Office. A man deeply devoted to preserving United States history, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made contributions to the National Archives that have proven invaluable. Not only did he sign the law creating the National Archives, appoint the first Archivist of the United States, and … Continue reading New Web Exhibit on FDR and the Presidential Library System

Take a break with Presidential vacations!

Need a vacation? This summer, go on a vacation with 13 of our Presidents!  You can choose your own adventure on Instagram and chat with us on Twitter on August 19 using #POTUSvacation.   Vacations are an integral part of Presidential history, a way for Presidents to relax and recharge outside of Washington. Many of … Continue reading Take a break with Presidential vacations!

The dimes that saved lives

On April 12, 1955, a vaccine against polio was declared safe and effective. Jonas E. Salk's great discovery was too late for President Franklin Roosevelt, who had contracted polio in 1921, at age 39, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. But the President, who died in 1945, had been instrumental in funding research that eventually led … Continue reading The dimes that saved lives

Thanksgiving: Another FDR Experiment

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, as usual, on the fourth Thursday of November. Today shoppers are hitting the stores for "Black Friday" super discounts to kick off holiday shopping. But until 1939, Thanksgiving Day was traditionally the last Thursday in November. That year there were five Thursdays in the month, and concern about a shortened shopping season prompted … Continue reading Thanksgiving: Another FDR Experiment