Top 10 of 2023

As we say hello to 2024, we’re taking a look at the most popular posts of 2023. Thank you to the National Archives staff who helped us share our love of history throughout the year! 10. As a big shout-out to our nurses who have had it especially hard these past few years, Jen Hivick’s … Continue reading Top 10 of 2023

The Office of the First Cat

August 8th is International Cat Day, and today’s post, from Alyssa Moore in the National Archives History Office looks at the history of household cats at the White House. Socks Clinton lounges at podium in the White House Press Briefing Room, 1993. (National Archives Identifier 236748090) While cats were likely used to control the mice … Continue reading The Office of the First Cat

Fala and Barkers for Britain, 1941

Today's post commemorates National Dog Day, which celebrates dogs everywhere on August 26. Bow-wow! Calling all dog lovers—arguably history’s best known Presidential pet was Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier, Murray the Outlaw of Falahill (Fala for short), who was named after FDR’s famous Scottish ancestor, John Murray. He was given to Roosevelt in 1940 as a Christmas … Continue reading Fala and Barkers for Britain, 1941

American Archives Month: Kim Coryat, Clinton Presidential Library

American Archives Month has one week to go, and we’ve still got so much to share about the hard-working archivists in our Presidential Libraries! This post takes us out to Little Rock, AR, where we learn about this archivist's responsibilities, experiences, and why she's Team Socks. Name: Kim Coryat Occupation: Textual archivist at the William … Continue reading American Archives Month: Kim Coryat, Clinton Presidential Library

Thursday Photo Caption Contest!

Our featured cat is Socks, who was photographed at the White House in December of 1993. So we asked Terri Garner, director of the Clinton Presidential Library, to be our guest judge. There was a lot of debate and discussion in Little Rock, but she emailed us a winner today. Congratulations to Jean West! Terri chose your caption on Facebook … Continue reading Thursday Photo Caption Contest!